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I just added Chinese to my English picture book 我把英文變成中文書了

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

Since I'm determined to teach my 5Y girl Mandarin, I have printed Chinese flash cards, made Chinese scrabble tiles, browsed several apps that could possibly helped my girl to get used to listening to this language. I have checked out several Chinese books from the library but the sources in our area is scarce, and I don't feel like driving a long way to pick up books from the other libraries, nor spending thousands of dollars to purchase a whole library of Chinese children's books (because it's not financially possible, lol!)

So I just received my C-Pen from Taiwan. This is a great tool to record voices or import mp3 of stories. With all kinds of sources I learned from other social media groups, I translated the English text to Chinese and typed it up with phonic font, taped it to the pages with highlighter tapes, and recorded it on the C-Pen. Voila! Here you have an audio book with two languages!!


Highlighter tapes (

C-Pen: I got it from

But you can find a similar kind like this

Printer, paper, and a Chinese font that comes with phonics or pinyin if you prefer.

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